Seminars and Conferences

Tamil - Literary Techniques in Silapathikaram 2013 Dr.A.Ariunambi, Pondichery University, Dr.Arivudainambi, Pondichery University, Dr.M.Thirumalai, Vice-Chacellor,Tamil University, Pattimandram Pugazh Dr. Solomon Pappaya, Mr. Raja, Dr.T. K. Sibbramaniam, Dr. R. Mohan, Madurai Kamaraj University, Prof.Abibullah, Secretary,Tamil Research Forum, Dr. Tamizhannai, Dr. Manimozhian and Dr. Ramanathan.
English - Eco Feminism 2013 Dr. H. Kalpana, Asso. Prof of English, Central University, Pondicherry
History - 1.Recent Trends in Marine Archaeology 2.Cultural destinations of India-Tourists Perspectives 2012 2013 Prof. K. Rajan, Pondicherry Central University Dr.George, Dept.of Tourism, University Day College, Madurai
Commerce Opportunities and Challenges before Women Entrepreneurs Carrier Opportunities in Banking and Insurance Sector 2013 2011 Mr.Manoharan, Manager, Canara Bank (Micro-finance Branch), Madurai.
Economics Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian Retail Sector- Biodegradable Waste management- Environmental Issues and Sustainability 2013 Dr. Samuel Paulraj, Scientist, School of Energy Science, Madurai Kamaraj University
Mathematics Regional level Seminar on ‘Mathematics and its Applications’ - 2013 Prof. E. S. Lakshmi Narayanam, Madurai Kamaraj University. Dr. R. Uthaya Kumar, Gandhigram Rural University
Physics - Current Trends in Crystal growth and Solar Energy 2013 Dr. L. Vijayan, Scientist, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. Dr. C.E. Suriya Moorthy, Rtd Professor, School of Energy, Madyrai Kamaraj University.
Chemistry - Futuristic Trends in Chemistry 2013 Dr. M. G. Sethuraman, IQAC Director, Gandhigram Rural University. Dr. Priya Rao, Director,, Research & Development, Quality Control, Pelicon Bio-Tech & Chemical Pvt.Ltd, Kerala. Dr. A. Ponnusamy, Professor of Organic Chemistry, Madurai Kamaraj University
Botany Eco-conservation of Biodiversity for sustainable Development - 2013 Dr.Muthuchezhian, Environmental Scientist, Vice-Chancellor, Periyar University, Dr.Narasimman, Taxonomist, Madras Christian College, Chennai
Zoology Recent Trends in Biotechnology - 2013 Dr. K. Balakrishnan, School of Biological Scinces, MKU. Dr. Kannan, Bharathiar University, Combatore.
Geography Workshop on Spatial Data analysis and Mapping using GIS Geoinformatics- Applications in hazard management 2011 2013 Dr.A. ShanthaKumari, School of Earth and atmospheric Science, Madurai Kamaraj University Dr. K. Kumarasamy, Department Earth Science, Bharathidasan University. Dr. P. Ilangovan, Prof & Head, School of Earth and atmospheric Science, Madurai Kamaraj University Dr.B.Eswarappa, Bengaluru University. 5.Dr.M.Sakthivel, University of Madras 6.Dr.MathaSuresh, University of Madras
Home Science Regional Workshop on Rediscovering the magic of Millets - 2013 Dr. Premalatha, Prof & Head, Dept of Food & Nutrition, HSC-RI, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Madurai
Computer Science Seminar on Web Engineering 1.Seminar on Research Issues in Computer Applications 2. Research Tools & Techniques in Computer Applications 2011 2013 Dr. Santosh Kumar, Cochin University Mr.R.Venkatraman, Research Value System, Bengaluru, Dr.Jeyamala, & Dr.Mercy Shalinie,TCE
Business Management 1.Corporate Presence 2.Attitude building to meet challenges in Management Education - 2012 2013 Mrs. P. Niranjana Devi,Asst.Manager, Business Development(HR), Laayak Corporate Support Solutions, Chennai Mrs.Rita Bhattacharjee, Professional Psychologist 3.Mr.K.Srinivasan, Senior Manager, Axis Bank, Bangaluru.