• Goals and Objectives of the college
  • “To strive, to seek and not to yield”—Strive hard, seek knowledge and do not yield to temptation—the goal of the college is to cater to the higher education needs of the lower middle class and economically backward sections of women in and around Madurai.

    "Service for the cause of Women Empowerment” is the objective of the college.

  • Vision
  • To uplift the socially backward and economically poor young women of the society and empower them by imparting knowledge through holistic education, making them independent and responsible citizens to contribute to the development of the society.

  • Mission
    • To undergo accreditation periodically.
      To identify our own strengths and weaknesses.
      To add to our strengths and eliminate weaknesses.
      To modernize the Teaching-Learning Process and to promote research culture.
      To encourage innovations and accountability.
      To encourage consultancy services and training.

  • History of the college
  • Sri Meenakshi Government College for Women came into existence in the year 1965 in the city of Madurai.The college is situated on the north bank of the river Vaigai. Being situated right in the middle of the city, the approachis easy. Thus it caters to the needs of the women students in the city.
    The college was started by the government of TamilNadu with the exclusive aim of the upliftment of the women of Madurai.In 1965 the college had only pre-university courses with 320 students. There were 13 teaching and 13 non-teaching staff.In the very next academic year, that is, 1966-67 undergraduate course in Tamil literature, Economics and Mathematics were started.
    In 1968, Undergraduate courses in Chemistry and Geography were started. In 1969 Undergraduate courses in English literature and History were introduced. The year 1970 saw the introduction of B.Sc Physics course.The year 1971 was marked by the introduction of the first post Graduate course in the college namely M.A, geography. In the same year B.A. (Special economics) and B.Sc (Special Zoology) courses were also introduced.
    In 1972 the certificate courses in Gandhi an thought was introduced . in 1973 , M.A. (History) in 1975 , M.A. (Economics) in 1979 ,B.Sc (Home Science) and in 1980 M.Sc (Mathematics) courses were introduced. In 1986 B.com, M.A. (English literature) in 1990 , B.Sc. (Computer Science) in 1992 and in 1993 B.Sc (Environment Science) and in 1998 MCA were introduced.
    Thus, the college has grown in stature day by day.Now it is a premier institution with 7 post graduate courses and 13 undergraduate courses catering to the academic needs of around 2894 women students every year.
    The college has a Library with 44450 books and 75 journals. There are adequate Laboratory facilities for practical work in Physics, Chemistry, Environment science, Zoology, Geography, Home science and Computer Science. The college also has adequate class-room facilities and other infra-structure.

  • From the Principal's Desk
  • Sri Meenakshi Government College for women is a premier institution established in the temple city Madurai mainly with the aim of empowering women especially, the first generation learners. The college has been rendering yeomen service of educating the economically backward women folk of rural areas in and around Madurai. READ MORE

  • Former Principals
  • MISS.C.KAMALA, M.A.,B.T 02.07.1965 TO 30.04.1966
    MISS.K.JAGATHAMBAL, M.A.,L.T 01.07.1966 TO 05.10.1967
    MISS.T. THURAISAMY, B.SC(HONS) L.T.M.S.,(WISCONSIN) 23.12.1967 TO 09.05.1968
    MISS.T. JAGATHAMPAL, M.A., L.T 10.05.1968 TO 31.07.1968
    MISS.T. THURAISAMY, B.SC (HONS) L.T.M.S., (WISCONSIN) 01.06.1970 TO 02.11.1972
    MISS.C. KAMALA, M.A., B.T 03.11.1972 TO 31.08.1973
    MRS. INAIYATHANISA MUNIVAR, B.SC (HONS) L.T 01.09.1973 TO 29.04.1977
    MISS.Y. SAROJINI DEVI, M.A., M. LITT 05.05.1977 TO 09.09.1979
    MISS.C. S. RATHNAM, M.SC (TENNESSEE), B.T 05.05.1977 TO 09.09.1979
    MISS.C. S. RATHNAM, M.SC (TENNESSEE), B.T 05.05.1977 TO 09.09.1979
    MISS.C. S. RATHNAM, M.SC (TENNESSEE), B.T 12.09.1979 TO 31.05.1981
    DR.MRS. K. RUKMANI, M.A., B.ED., PH.D 03.02.1982 TO 31.05.1985
    DR.MISS. NIRMALA THIAGARAJAN, M.A. (TENNESSEE, USA), B.T., PH.D 01.06.1985 TO 10.06.1987
    MRS. A.GOMATHI, BSC (HONS), M.SC., M.PHIL 11.06.1987 TO 21.06.1989
    DR.MRS. K. VIVEGANANTHA M.A., PH.D 11.06.1987 TO 21.06.1989
    DR.MRS. K. VIVEGANANTHA M.A., PH.D 22.06.1989 TO 06.11.1992
    DR.MRS. K. VIVEGANANTHA M.A., PH.D 22.06.1989 TO 06.11.1992
    MRS.K. ANANTHALAKSHMI M.A, M.PHIL., C.T.E 09.12.1992 TO 07.08.1996
    MRS.CHITHRA VAITHIYANATHAN M.A., B.L 02.10.1996 TO 31.05.1999
    MISS.P. SHYAMALAPAYI M.COM., M.PHIL 21.06.2001 TO 22.07.2003
    DR.MRS. V. DHANALAKSHMI M.A., PH.D 01.07.2004 TO 31.05.2005
    DR.MRS.JAYALAKSHMI M.SC., PH.D., PGDCA 06.07.2005 TO 31.05.2006
    MISS.A.K. THASHREEF JAHAN 14.06.2006 TO 31.05.2007
    DR.MRS.V. VISAYA ILAKKUMI M.A., PH.D 11.06.2007 TO 31.05.2008
    MRS.NIRMALA DEVARAJ M.SC.,M.PHIL.,M.ED.,PGDCA 16.06.2008 TO 31.05.2009
    ASS.PRO.C.LAKSHMI M.A.,M.PHIL 10.06.2009 TO 31.03.2010
    DR.MRS.A.P.ARASI M.SC.,M.PHIL.,PH.D.,PGDCA 14.07.2010 TO 31.05.2011
    DR MRS.P.ANNAMMAL M.SC.,M.PHIL.,PH.D 17.08.2011 TO 04.07.2013
    DR.MRS.J.UMA M.A.,M.PHIL.,PH.D PGDCA 12.07.2013 TO 31.05.2014
    DR. K. JANAKI M.A., M.PHIL., PH.D 02.07.2014 TO 31.05.2015
    DR. (Tmt) S. MANGAYARKARASI M.A., M.PHIL., PH.D 05.08.2015 TO 22.07.2016
    Dr. D.Sarala Thambavani M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,D.G.T.,F.H.A.S. 23.07.2016 TO 14.09.2017
    Ms.G.Lalitha Venkateswari M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed., Principal(FAC) 15.09.2017 TO 02.07.2018
    Dr.S.VANATHI M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. 02.07.2108 TO TILL DATE