Library as Learning Resource
“Reading maketh a full man and writing an exact man” for reading and writing ,our library resources are more relevant. The college library is accommodated in a spacious separate floor. It has an air-conditioned reading room with more than 65000 books in stock in addition to the department libraries. The regular subscription of 21 Indian journals add to the stock of Central and departmental libraries.

Role of Library Advisory committee
The advisory committee of the library is comprised of the principal, librarian and faculty representation each from science and humanities. The committee allocates funds to various departments from state government fund, autonomous and UGC funds. The committee suggests idea to make library an easy accessible source of knowledge for all kinds of students. The committee approve the steps taken to enhance the facilities of the library.

Significant Initiatives:
 Purchase books for Competitive exams such as TOFEL,GMAT,GRE are stocked.
 Providing books for IAS and for entrance examination such as MCA,MBA,SLET/NET and TET.
 Subscription to 20 periodicals, 8 journals and 4 dailies.
 Provision of display racks.
 Text books and all other study materials are purchased under plan and non plan funds granted by the Government, every academic year besides purchase under UGC financial support.
 Students are also rendered counseling service through the supply of information made available in the form of Educative printed materials on Employment opportunities.
 Centralized Air conditioned hall.
 150 students can avail the reading room at a time.
 Sufficient number of racks to display increased number of books and volumes.
 50 Braille dictionaries are available.

Information about the college General Library.

Details of library Holdings.
Text books : 43560
Reference books : 21043

Information about the college General Library.
1. Total area of the library in(sq.mts) : 3500 sq.ft
2. Total seating capacity : 150
3. Working Hours:
Shift I 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Shift II 9:00 am to 1:00 pm