Research Projects

On-going Minor Research Projects

Dr. S. Vinolia Salomi Chandrakandham 2011-2013 Feminism in Ambai’s work UGC 6,90,200
Dr. S. Chandra 2011-2013 Myths of Sangam & Greek Literature CICT 1,95,000
Dr. P. Kalaichelvi 2009 Cultural differences and common prejudices – A study of Dalits, & African – American writers UGC 7,5000
4 Mrs. N. Thirumagal 2010 Post-colonial & Post-modern magical realism in select novels of Salman Rushdie & Gunter Grass UGC 55,000
Mrs.V.Nalini 2009 Translation of the first Marathi Woman Doctor’s Biography “Anadi Gopal” from English to Tamil UGC 83,750
Dr. Poornima Immanuel 2012 Politics from Eco-feminist Perspective: An Eco-critical reading of Indian, British & White African Writers UGC 70,000
Mrs. R. Saradha 2010-2013 Socio-economic empowerment of Women under NREGS in Madurai District UGC 1,35,000
Mrs.R.Raja Rajeswari 2010- A Study on Neuro- Fuzzy Model for Earthquake prediction in Chennai City UGC 70,000

On-going Major Research Projects

Dr. V. Suriya Gandhi 2011-2014 Influence of Motivation of Solid waste management in selected blocks through Vermiculture UGC 6,86,285
Dr. N. Jamunarani 2012 Modes of accession adopted by women Protagonists in the select fiction of Indian Writers UGC 5.58,000

List of Completed Research Projects undertaken by the College Faculty and details of Grants received

Dr. K. Kalaiselvi 2011-2013 Veterinary Medicine UGC 8,27,700
Dr.S.Vaheetha Gousia 2011-2013 Problems and Solutions of Muslims according to Interreligious Context UGC 7,10,200
Mrs. T. Sujatha 2008-2010 Health Status and Health care system-An Economic Analysis T.N and Kerala UGC 70,000
Mrs.S. Suseelabai 2008-2009 A Study of Marketing of Banana in K.K.District Malcon and Elizabeth Adiseshia Trust,Chennai 1,00,000
Mrs.P.Maheswari 2008-2010 Women and Reproductive Health in Dindigul Disrtrictof T.N-An Economic Analysis UGC 65,000
Dr.S.KuamriJanani 2008-2010 Role of Micro Finance to uplift the Economic condition of Rural Women Households through SHG in TPK Block UGC 1,00,000
Dr. V. Suriya Gandhi 2008-2010 2009-2010 1.Socio-Economic conditions and growth of unrecognized Women in Chellampatti Block 2.Level of Environmental awareness among Primary School Teachers, Madurai UGC Malcon and Elizabeth Adiseshia Trust, Chennai 1,00,000 1,00,000
Dr.Kala Rani Rengasamy 2008-2010 Impact of Education on Women employment in Madurai District UGC 95,000
Dr.T.Vijayanthi 2008-2010 Role of Non-Farm Rural Employment in upliftment of economic status of women in Cheranmahadevi Block in Tirnelveli District UGC 1,00,000
Dr. R. Muthuselvi 2009-2011 Development of certain Novel Reagents for the Spectrophotometric Determination of Metals UGC-SERO 83,000
Dr. C. Meenakshi 2009-2011 Host-Guest inclusion chemistry of Drug molecules with Supramolecules UGC-SERO 1,00,000
Dr. D. Lily 2009-2011 Chemical signalling in Rousettus leschenaulti UGC 1,25,000
Dr. D. Helen Christina 2009-2010 Efficacy of Bioactive compounds of Morinda tinctoria on systemic disorders UGC-SERO 1,15,000
Mrs. J. B. Sharmila 2009-2012 Impact of Life style modifications on the anthropometric & biochemical markers of metabolic syndrome UGC 1,53,000