STUDY ABROAD Programme of TANSCHE (Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education)

TANSCHE has introduced the Study Abroad Program for the benefit of students and faculty members of Government Colleges in Tamil Nadu. This Scheme is being Implemented from 2013-2014 onwards.

Salient Features of the Scheme
• TANSCHE has signed a MoU with Universities and Colleges in UK
• P.G Students in disciplines of Mathematics, Economics, History have an opportunity to study their third semester in a college in UK.
• Teaching staff in all disciplines have an opportunity to spend 3 months in University/college/Research Lab in UK and collaborate or interact with Researchers there.
• Cost is borne by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

This is an innovative and enabling scheme of TANSCHE. It gives an opportunity for students from rural/low income background to gain International exposure.

Benefit to our College
Ten students and 10 faculty members had applied to study abroad in 2013-2014, of this 1 student M. Sangeetha, M.Sc. Mathematics was selected and studied third semester in Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK.