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Our Vision

Dedication towards empowerment through enhancement of knowledge

Our Mission

  • To empower young women to face social challenges
  • To work towards quality enhancement

  • To create quality benchmark

  • To help students develop holistically with a positive, proactive contribution towards nation building

  • To frame methods and structures that will improve the quality of administrative and academic performance

  • To establish various administrative and academic initiatives that will increase quality

  • To serve as a centralized unit for coordinating and documenting all activities related to quality

Dr. J.B.Sharmila IQAC Coordinator


  • Dr.P. Punitha Ponmalar, Associate Professor in Computer Science.
  • Dr.P. Selvi, Associate Professor in History
  • Dr.T. Glory Selvam, Associate Professor in Commerce
  • Dr.S. Jesima, Assistant Professor in Tamil
  • Dr.J. Shahin, Assistant Professor in English
  • Dr.D. Maheswari, Assistant Professor in History
  • Dr. P. Pandi Priya, Associate Professor in Economics
  • Dr.M.S. Meenakshi, Assistant Professor in Commerce
  • Dr.D. Ramkumar, Assistant Professor in Business Administration
  • Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor in Physics
  • Dr.M.Mahalakshmi,Assistant Professor in Physics
  • Dr.S. Manoranjitham, Assistant Professor in Chemistry
  • Dr.C. Rani Vijaya, Assistant Professor in Zoology
  • Dr.M.P. Sivasankari, Assistant Professor in Botany
  • Dr.A. Gandhimathi, Assistant Professor in Geography
  • Dr.A. Prema, Assistant Professor in Computer Science
  • Dr.S. Naga Nandhini Sujatha, Assistant Professor in Computer Applications
  • Dr. S. Devibala Assistant Professor in Maths
  • Mrs. R.A. Latha Devi, Assistant Professor in Maths
  • Dr. S. Arumugakani, Assistant Professor in Maths

IQAC Composition

NIRF Committee

Dr. Mrs. P. Punitha Ponmalar Associate Professor of Computer Science (Nodal Officer)
Dr.A. Mary Remona Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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